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Parti des Travailleurs

The Parti des Travailleurs (PT, "Workers' Party") is a French far-left political party.

It is officially composed of four schools of thought:

but it seems that, in practice, the trotskyite component is by far the most important.

Its national secretary is Daniel Gluckstein, who got less than 0.5% in the 2002 French presidential election. The historical leader is Pierre Boussel, alias Lambert, from the Organisation Communiste Internationaliste.

Former Prime Minister Lionel Jospin was once involved with the "Lambertist" trotskyites in the early 1970s. Party of the workers An article of Wikipédia, the free encyclopaedia.

The Party of Workers (Pt) is a French political party. It results from the Movement For a Party of Workers (MPPT). Founded in 1991 by the militant ones and militants of all tendencies of the labour movement, the Party of the Workers works with the construction of a true independent working party. It fights for the recognition of the class struggle, for secularity of the School and the State, for the abrogation of the antidemocratic institutions of Ve République and for the reciprocal independence of the parties and the trade unions.

Internationalist, he is member of the International Agreement of the Workers, present in more than 70 countries and of the European Alliance of the Workers, who act to gather in the unit the workers and the young people against the destroying plans and the military interventions dictated by the International Monetary International Monetary Funds and his regional agencies.

Refusing the financing of the political parties by the State, attache with financial independence, condition of political independence, the Party of the Workers completely transfers the money of the State at Funds of International Working Assistance which is exclusively used to help the militants, groups and organized labour ridges some with the repression of the owners, the governments and the States.

The Party of the Workers publishes Working the Informations weekly magazine - Opinion column of the class struggle.

There are four currents in the Party of the Workers :

the Socialist Current : (newspaper of the current : "socialist Mail"). This current also Co-publishes the review "Reflexions" with the Laic and Republican Socialist Convention which gathers members or ex-members of the PS, MDC, militants laic and trade unionists,

the Communist Current : (newspaper of the current : "Communist Meetings"). This current gathers members or ex-members of PCF and trade unionists,

the Anarcho- Current : (newspaper of the current : "the Anarcho- one", bulletin of the Union of Anarcho-)

the Communist Current Internationalist trotskist, resulting from the Communist Party Internationalist (NCV), in the past Communist Organization Internationalist (OCI). This current publishes the theoretical review of IVème Internationale, "the Truth". Each member of the Party of the Workers is free to be or not organized in one of his currents.

Party of the Workers : Sit : 87, street of the Suburb-Saint-Denis 75010 Paris Telephone : 01 48 01 88 29 Telefax : 01 48 01 89 22 Courriel :

Working information : Sit : 87, street of the Suburb-Saint-Denis 75010 Paris Telephone : 01 48 01 88 22 (Administration-subscriptions) Telephone/Télécopie : 01 48 01 89 29 (Drafting) Courriel :

International agreement of the Workers and the People : Sit : 87, street of the Suburb-Saint-Denis 75010 Paris Telephone : 01 48 01 88 36 Courriel :

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