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Oresund Bridge

The Oresund Bridge (joint Danish/Swedish hybrid name: ěresundsbron) is a combined rail and road bridge across Oresund, connecting the Danish capital Copenhagen with the Swedish town Malm÷.

The last section was put down on August 14, 1999. Danish Heir Apparent Frederik and his Swedish counterpart Victoria met midway to celebrate it's completion. The official inauguration took place on July 1, 2000, with Danish Queen Margrethe II and her Swedish counterpart King Carl XVI Gustaf. The bridge was opened for traffic later that day and the public transport by rail is operated jointly by Swedish SJ and Danish DSB.

The bridge has one of the longest cable-stayed main spans in the world, 490 metres. The total length of the bridge is 7,845 meters, which is approximately half the distance between the Swedish and Danish landmasses. The rest of the distance is spanned by the artificial "Pepper" islet ("Peberholm"/"Pepparholmen") (4,055 m) followed by a tunnel (3,510 m) on the Danish side.

Instead of calling the bridge "ěresundsbroen" in Danish and "Íresundsbron" in Swedish, a compromise was made and the bridge was baptized "ěresundsbron" as the official name.

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