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Office applications suite

In computers, an office applications suite, sometimes called an office suite, offimatic suite or integrated offimatic program, is a computer program or set of programs intended to be used by typical clerical and knowledge workers. The components are generally distributed together and able to interact with each other on a higher level than the operating system would normally allow, with a consistent user interface between the components.

Most office application suites include at least a word processor and a spreadsheet element. In addition to these, the suite may contain a presentation program, a database management system and minor graphics and communications tools. Newer variations on the office applications suite include an e-mail client, a personal information manager (or groupware package) and/or a graphics application suite.

The currently dominant office suite is Microsoft Office, the proprietary file formats of which have become a de facto standard for mainstream business use, resulting in lock-in. As such, the ability to read and write Microsoft Office files in the formats is essential for any office suite seeking to displace Microsoft Office in the market.

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