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AppleWorks is an office suite of software applications sold by Apple Computer. Versions of AppleWorks exist that are compatible with Mac OS X, Mac OS 9, and Microsoft Windows. It started out as ClarisWorks, created by the Apple software division, Claris. It combined a word processor, derived from MacWrite II, a drawing program derived from MacDraw, a painting program derived from MacPaint, a spreadsheet, and a terminal program for communications. All the components were integrated to provide a seamless suite that worked in concert; for example, spreadsheets could be embedded in a word processing document, or formatted text into drawings, etc.

When the Claris company was disbanded and reabsorbed into Apple, the suite was renamed AppleWorks. The most recent version deletes the communications section and adds a presentation unit. It has also been Carbonized to work on Mac OS X. A major update is reputed to be in development.

Generally, AppleWorks does not need to be purchased, as it comes with pretty much every Macintosh computer as well as with major installations of Mac OS X.

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