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Oboi (鰲拜 ao2 bai4) was a great Manchu warrior of the Bordered Yellow Banner from the Gūwalgiya clan. He achieved great merit having saved the life of Shunzhi Emperor in battle.

From the reign of Hong Taiji, Oboi distinguished himself in battles against Ming. He was given the title "baturu" (hero). The Shunzhi Emperor appointed him a minister.

After the demise of Emperor Shunzhi, he together with Sonin, Ebilun and Suksaha were appointed senior ministers to assist in the day to day runing of the imperial court until young emperor, Hiowan Yei (Kangxi Emperor) reached sixteen. The four senior ministers, however, split into factions and wrestle for power. After Sonin died in 1667, Oboi forced the young emperor to execute Suksaha and his family. He controlled Ebilin completely and then finally established a dictatorship.

The Kangxi Emperor took power earlier than expected at age fourteen in 1669. The Emperor suddenly arrested Oboi pronouncing thirty crimes on him. He was sentenced to death but it was reduced to imprisonment in consideration of his achivements. He died in prison.

Oboi was posthumously rehabilitated. The Kangxi Emperor forgave the crime in 1713. The Yongzheng Emperor gave the rank of the first-class duke and the posthumous title Chaowu (超武) but the Qianlong Emperor demoted him to the first-class baron after reviewing his merits and demerits.