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Shunzhi Emperor of China

Emperor Shunzhi was the second Qing emperor (as the emperor of the Chinese part of the empire, he was the first emperor of the dynasty). He reigned from 1644 to 1661. In 1644, Manchu people finally seized the control of the whole China and Shunzhi made the declaration that Qin Dynasty had became the true successor of Ming Dynasty under Mandate of Heaven. Therefore although he was not the founder of Qing Dynasty, he was referred to as the first emperor of Qin Dynasty of China.

He became the emperor of the Qing dynasty at the age of six. His mother was Empress Dowager Xiao Zhuang who was an excellent politician during the period. His uncle, Prince Dorgon became the regent due to Shun Zhi's age together with Jirgalang. The young emperor disliked his uncle and after the regent's death, the emperor stripped off his titles and his brother, Dodo's titles as well. At that time, Fulin was only 12 years old. He was married to his mother's niece but demoted the empress several years later.

During his short reign, he encouraged the Han Chinese to participate in the government activities. He was a scholar and employed the Han Chinese to teach his children.

Four months after his favourite concubine passed away, he died of smallpox. Before he passed away, he appointed four regents to help his son, Hiowan Yei. They were Oboi, Sonin, Suksaha and Ebilun.

It was believed that the young emperor did not pass away but left the palace to become a monk.

Personal information
Given Name Fulin (福臨 fu2 lin2 in Chinese)
Era name Ijishūn Dasan in Manchu
Shunzhi (順治 shun4 zhi4) in Chinese
father ninth son of Hong Taiji
mother secondary consort Xiao Zhuang, later became Xiaozhuangren Grand Empress Dowager (Hiyoošungga Ambalinggū Genggiyenšu Hūwanghu), the daughter of a Mongol prince
wife 1) Empress Xiao Hui (Hiyoošungga Fulehun Eldembuhe Hūwanghu) (d. 1718) from the Borjigid clan
2) Empress Xiao Kang (Hiyoošungga Nesuken Eldembuhe Hūwanghu) (1639-1663) from the Tunggiya clan
3) major concubine: consort from the Donggo clan (董鄂妃) (d. 1660), posthumously raised to empress Xiao Xia
children 8 sons (4 died young) and 6 daughters (5 died young)
tomb Hiyoošungga Munggan in Manchu
Xiaoling (孝陵) in Chinese, Eastern Tombs (东陵) at Zunhua County (遵化县), Hebei
Temple name Šidzu in Manchu
Shi Zu (世祖 shi4 zu3) in Chinese (lit. meaning: sage progenitor)
Posthumous name Emperor Titian-longyun-dingtong-jianji-yingrui-yinwen-xianwu-dadehonggong-zhirenchunxiao-zhang (體天隆運定統建極英睿欽文顯武大德弘功至仁純孝章皇帝)
Posthumous name (short) Eldembuhe Hūwangdi in Manchu
Emperor Zhang (章皇帝 zhang1 huang2 di4) in Chinese

Preceded by:
Hong Taiji
Qing Dynasty Succeeded by:
Kangxi Emperor of China