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Nordiska Kompaniet

Nordiska Kompaniet, colloquially NK, and literally The Nordic Company is the name of two department stores located in Stockholm and Gothenburg, in Sweden. The company was started in Stockholm 1902 by Josef Sachs (1872-1949) who wanted to establish a department store that would offer the same level of service as the stores in Paris or London.

On September 21, 1915 the house designed and built especially for the department store was inagurated by Kungsträdgården in Stockholm. Responsible for the construction of the house had been Ivar Kreuger's company Kreuger & Toll.

Today the store in Stockholm has some twelve million visitors anually, the figure for the store in Gothenburg is about three million and the total staff numbers about 1,200. The trademark and the real estate properties in Gothenburg and Stockholm are owned by Hufvudstaden AB.

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