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New Lettrist International

The Preliminary Committee for the Founding of a New Lettrist International (NLI) was organised by the Neoist Alliance and the London Psychogeographical Association.

The NLI aimed to take the work of the Lettrist International forward particularly after grasping the importance of the Hurufi movement which emerged in the Ottoman Empire in the early seventeenth century.

Their First Congress took place in recognition of the way that telematics had industrialised the imagination: it is, was and will be a virtual congress which was not mediated by electrickery. It is, was and will be an imaginist Congress.

Reversing traditional polarities, the congress unified the myth creation process rather than creating a myth of unity. This was achieved by commencing with participants submitting accounts of the proceedings before encountering one another. Organised from the intrinsic interconnections of such accounts rather than by the management of extrinsic connexions bureaucratic manipulation was claimed to be avoided. It was further claimed that task groups would emerge from this process. None have emerged to date.