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Nekketsu Kouha Kunio Kun

Nekketsu Kouha: Kunio-Kun is the video game series started by Technos Japan Corporation and retained by Atlus Corporation. Those who grew up with the NES knew the game series through Renegade, River City Ransom, Super Dodgeball, Crash n' the Boys Street Challenge & Ice Challenge, and World Cup Soccer. The Nekketsu Kouha: Kunio-Kun series has graced the Arcade, NES, Gameboy, NEC TurboGrafix PC-Engine, SNES, Genesis, and SNK Neo-Geo.

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2 Nekketsu Kouha: Kunio-Kun (original game)
3 Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari
4 Shin Nekketsu Kouha: Kunio Tachi no Banka
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Nekketsu Kouha: Kunio-Kun (original game)

The original Nekketsu Kouha: Kunio-Kun is the Kunio game that Renegade is based on. It involves Kunio of Nekketsu High School of Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. The gang of students from Hanazono High School led by Riki attempted an invasion against Nekketsu High, but Kunio fought back, and Riki reconciled. Then on the next scene come the karate fighter gang led by Shinji. The third scene is a fight with those female students led by Misuzu. Then final scene is somewhat a maze leading to the game's antagonist Sabu, who is behind the whole Yakuza gang. Renegade is the westernized version of Nekketsu Kouha: Kunio-Kun, using American-based settings in place of Japanese settings, and the storyline was changed.

Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari

Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari is known in the United States as River City Ransom and in Europe as Street Gangs. The script and the graphics were altered for the U.S. version. Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari was originally developed for the Famicom/NES in 1989 and later ported to the Sharp X68000. The game would be enhanced-remade for the Gameboy Advance as Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari EX, which is to be known in the United States as River City Ransom Advance and in Europe as Street Gangs Advance.

Shin Nekketsu Kouha: Kunio Tachi no Banka

Shin Nekketsu Kouha: Kunio Tachi no Banka, or simply Kunio Tachi no Banka, is the interquel of Nekketsu Kouha: Kunio-Kun and Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari. It was released exclusively in Japan, for the Super Famicom in 1994. However, it was unofficially translated into English by an online translation group called Aeon Genesis Translation Proclamation. At the beginning, Kunio and Riki are framed for a hit-and-run accident and get incarcerated in Cell 218 by Takayama, father of Kunio's classmate Mamoru. Hiroshi visited the jail telling Kunio and Riki about the conflict with Nekketsu and Hanazono High Schools being attacked by Daiki and Ryuuta, who are Sabu's servants. Kunio and Riki waited until after dark and then broke out of prison. Later in the game, after Kunio takes care of business with Nekketsu High School, Mamoru pulls Takayama over as Kunio runs for Hanazono High School. After Hanazono High School, Kunio and Riki meet Shinji, and after Shinji, they get acquitted of their charges.


Nekketsu Koukou Soccer is known in the United States as Nintendo World Cup.

In Japan, the games are all part of the Nekketsu Kouha: Kunio-Kun series, focusing on Nekketsu High School and Hanazono High School, particularly two students, one student of each school, Kunio and Riki. Nekketsu is Japanese for "hot-blooded", and hanazono is Japanese for "flower garden." Kunio was the guardian of Nekketsu High School. He is often summoned when the students are being threatened or have a sports tournament to win. He always cross onward with yakuza, motorcycle and street gangs, and rival schools along with his counterpart Riki of Hanazono High School.

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