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Technos Japan Corporation

Technos Japan Corporation was a defunct Japanese video game publisher that had an American publishing subsidiary called American Technos. It is known by gamers as the originator of the Nekketsu Kouha: Kunio-Kun (including River City Ransom) and Double Dragon franchises. It was founded in 1981 by three former members of a video game company called DataEast, including Kunio Taki, whom the Nekketsu Kouha: Kunio-Kun franchise was named after. It was formed from a single-room apartment.

Technos Japan Corporation's earliest games, like Tag Team Wrestling, Karate Champ, and Dog Fight were published by DataEast. In 1987, Technos Japan Corporation started the Double Dragon video game franchise on the Arcade. After the success of the Arcade game, the company became financially able to relocate from an apartment room to an urban plant of its own. The success of Double Dragon in the United States also gave the company more confidence on the Western video game market.

Technos goes out of business

The sun sets on Technos Japan Corporation, because the Neo-Geo Double Dragon did not do well in the Arcades. Super Dodgeball for Neo Geo was the last game from the company. The Playstation port of the Neo-Geo Double Dragon game was the last product from Technos Japan Corporation. In 1996, Technos Japan Corporation filed for bankruptcy and went defunct. A few years later, the company's assets were acquired by Atlus Games, Inc The company's former staff (including its president Kunio Taki) now works for Million, Inc., a subsidiary of Atlus Games. There have recently been enhanced remakes of games from the defunct company.