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The Computer Games

Warcraft: Orcs & Humans is a real-time strategy computer game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. It was followed by two sequels: Warcraft II and Warcraft III. Warcraft was developed for the MS-DOS operating system. Warcraft III is now available for Windows and Mac OS X. This game initiated the Warcraft francise, arguably one of the most successful in computer game history. It also popularized the real-time strategy genre of computer games.

In this game, bloodthirsty orcs—denizens of another dimension—discover a portal allowing them to enter the largely peaceful human kingdom of Azeroth. The player can play as either the orcs or humans, the main differences being the spells of the mages.

Critics cite that the obligation to have the CD in the drive and the incompatibility with newer operating systems as problems with this game.

Warcraft Adventures was to be a role playing game set in the Warcraft universe, but it was cancelled somewhat into development.

The Board Game

In 2003, Fantasy Flight Games released a strategy board game based on Warcraft III. Warcraft: The Board Game uses a modular game board, which allows many different scenarios to be played with the same set of components.



Due to the success of the game, several developers created "clones" of the game that included several similar elements.

There was an open source clone in development called FreeCraft, however the effort was ended by a "cease and desist" letter sent to the project developers by Blizzard in July 2003. It concerned the use of the –Craft in the name and the inclusion of ideas which were to similar to WarCraft II.

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