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Music of Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso is home to some sixty different ethnic groups, each with their own variety of folk music. Unlike most African countries, Burkina Faso has not yet had a popular national style, and the most popular recordings are imported from Europe, the United States, Congo, Kenya, Jamaica, Tanzania, South Africa, Senegal or the Ivory Coast. The Semaine Nationale de la Culture, held every two years since 1983, is a music festival that has helped produce the country's few stars, including Kaboré Roger, Simporé Maurice and Black So Man. Kaboré Moussa's Bazar Musique, a record label, has recorded more than one hundred artists representing various traditions from around the country.

The Mande people of the southwest are known for balafon (xylophone) music, while the large, centrally-located Mossi and their griots retain ancient royal courts and courtly music. The Fulbe of the north use complex vocal techniques with clapping percussion.