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Multiplayer is a mode of play for a video game or computer game in which multiple people can play the same game at the same time.

When referring to a computer game, the term "multiplayer" today usually implies "multiplayer by means of connecting multiple machines via the Internet", whereas when referring to a video game console game, the term "multiplayer" usually implies "multiplayer by means of several controllers plugged into the same game console, with that console hooked up to a single television set", oftenly via split-screen. However, online adapters now exist for the Gamecube, PlayStation 2 and XBox consoles, and some multiplayer Internet games on consoles have become popular.

In most multiplayer games, players compete against each other in a test of skill. There are some games in which players ally to achieve a common goal, and in others, groups of players form teams which fight as a group.

There have been countless multiplayer games played on a single display, starting with the seminal Pong and continuing up to the present day.

Notable multiplayer games in which each player uses a different display include:

This category of games currently requires multiple machines to connect to each other over the Internet, but before the Internet became popular, MUDs were played on time-sharing computer systems, and games such as DOOM were played on a LAN.

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