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Moogles are little white creatures that appear throughout the Final Fantasy series and Seiken Densetsu series. They usually provide save points, shops, or, in some games, join your team. Good-natured creatures, they are usually white with a white antenna sticking out of their head with a small red ball at the end of it. They have small, red wings, and their ears are shaped like cats'. Moogles are the mascot of the Final Fantasy series.


Here are some of the games that moogles have appeared in:

Notable moogles

The most well recognized moogle is Mog, the talking moogle that appears in Final Fantasy VI, who was able to attack using various dances. The character Cait Sith from Final Fantasy VII, also a very well known character, rides on top of a giant moogle, one of the few giant moogles to be found in the series. Moogles have also appeared as characters in some
web comics, such as Ralph from Exploitation Now and Ren from Mac Hall.