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Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI (originally released in America as Final Fantasy III) is a video game originally released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) and the Japanese Super Famicom by Squaresoft. The game is often claimed to be the best 16-bit Final Fantasy in existence and vies with Chrono Trigger for the title of most popular SNES role playing game. Final Fantasy VI was later rereleased for the Sony Playstation in Japan as a part of a compilation known as Final Fantasy Trilogy (together with Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy V), and later rereleased in the US in the compilation Final Fantasy Anthology (along with Final Fantasy V).

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It is 1,000 years after the ancient War of the Magi, in which humans and magical beings known as espers fought over the power of magic. The Empire that now rules much of the world has developed a strange force known as Magitek (magic and technology mixed together) and is on the verge of the rediscovery of magic. During this time, a woman named Terra is sent to the town of Narshe with some soldiers from the empire to investigate a frozen esper that has been found there. After finding the esper, the soldiers are killed by the esper and Terra is released from the slave crown that they were using to control her. After meeting with a thief named Locke, Terra makes her escape from the forces of the empire and joins The Returners, a rebel group that is trying to put an end to the empire. Together, they journey to stop the empire from gaining the power of magic, and stop a potential apocalypse that could result from it.


The main playable characters in Final Fantasy VI are (in order of appearance) Terra Branford, Locke Cole, Mog, Edgar Roni Figaro, Sabin Rene Figaro, Shadow, Celes Chere, Cyan Garamonde, Gau, Setzer Gabbiani, Strago Magus, Relm Arrowny, Gogo, and Umaro. Other characters will join you, but these 14 characters are the only ones you will be able to equip, teach magic to (except for Umaro and Gogo) and otherwise customize. Each character has his or her own special ability.

Playable Characters' Profiles


music in this game, especially that at the end, is regarded by many fans as refreshingly new. Nobuo Uematsu's work truly shines in this game; each character receives their own theme song.