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Mjölby is a municipality in southeast Sweden, in the county of Östergötland. The municipality covers an area of 549.7 km². Of the total population of 25,157, 12,532 are male, and 12,625 are female. The population density of the community is 46 inhabitants per km².


The town of Mjölby is located on the river Svartån. With 12000 inhabitants it is a small town. Other towns and villages within the municipality are Skänninge, Mantorp and Väderstad.

There is a goldsmith school and a school for train drivers in Mjölby. The town is a major station on the southern railway line connecting Stockholm and the southern parts of the country. The motorway E4 also passes through Mjölby.

An older version of the place name is Mölloby, from the words mylna or mölna, meaning "mill". Given the rapids of Svartån and the fertile soils of the surrounding plains, Mjölby is a natural place for a mill.

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