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Norrköping (population 122,199), is a city and a municipality located in south-east Sweden, in the county of Östergötland. The city is situated where the river Motala ström drains into Bråviken, a gulf of the Baltic Sea. The city has two nicknames: Sweden's Manchester, and Peking.

Water power from the Motala and the good harbour were the foundation of this once industrial city, known for its textile industry. In the latter decades of the 20th century, Norrköping suffered hard from closing down of several big industries, causing unemployment in large numbers.

As of 2002, Norrköping is coming back strong, now as a center of culture and education. The city has a famous public library, a campus of Linköping University, a Museum of Labour (Arbetets museum), and a high-tech industry park called Pronova.


The municipality covers an area of 1490.7 km². Of the total population of 122199, 60137 are male, and 62062 are female. The population density of the community is 82 inhabitants per km².

Note: Not to be confused with the municipalities of Köping and Söderköping.

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