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Michael I of Russia

Michael I, Mikhail Feodorovitch Romanov (1596 - 1645), was son of Filaret Romanov and of Xenia Ivanova Chestova. Following the "Time of Troubles", he was elected tsar by the other Russian boyars on February 7, 1613, and became the first Romanov tsar. This was mostly because of the powerful position of his father who was Patriarch and de facto ruler of Russia. The tsardom became hereditary in his house until 1762, when on the death of the Tsaritsa Elizabeth, the Duke of Holstein-Gottorp, son of Peter I the Great's daughter, succeeded as Peter III.

Michael I reigned until his death in 1645.

He married Evdokia Stryeshneva (1608 - 1645): their son was Aleksey (1629-1678)

Preceded by:
Ladislaus IV of Poland
List of Russian Tsars Succeeded by:
Aleksey I