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Menden is a town in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is located at the north end of the Sauerland near the Ruhr river, at 51° 26' North, 7° 48' East. Population: 60,273 (2001). Area: 86.08 km². It belongs to the district Märkischer Kreis.

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Menden did have the first churches built in the 9th century. From 1180 on the area around Menden belonged to the area owned by Cologne, however as it was the border to the Mark dukedom it was often fought about it. In 1276 the city received the city rights. Industrialization started early, in 1695 needle production was the first industry, later followed by limestone products like cement. In 1816 Menden was included into Prussia, after belonging to Hesse for 13 years. In 1975 the city was merged with several previously independent municipalities, which made it grow in area as well as population.

Points of interest

The Hönnetal, a narrow valley with some beautiful cliffs carved into the limestone bedrock by the river Hönne.

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