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Marquess of Huntly

The title Marquess of Huntly was created in the peerage of Scotland in 1599, making it the oldest existing marquessate in Scotland, and the second-oldest in the British Isles, only the English Marquessate of Winchester being older.

The subsidiary titles of the Marquess of Huntly are: Earl of Huntly (created 1445), Earl of Enzie (1599), Earl of Aboyne (1660), Earl of Norwich (1784), Lord Gordon of Badenoch (1445), Lord Gordon of Strathavon and Glenlivet (1660), Baron Gordon (1784) and Baron Meldrum (1815). All titles are in the Peerage of Scotland, except for the Earldom of Norwich and Barony of Gordon, in the Peerage of Great Britain, and the Barony of Meldrum, in the Peerage of the United Kingdom.

The title Earl of Huntly was originally created for Alexander Gordon in 1499. Gordon's descendant, the sixth Earl, became a Marquess a century after the creation of the Earldom. Then, the Dukedom of Gordon was bestowed upon the fourth Marquess; the Dukedom became extinct with the fifth duke's death.

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1 Earl of Huntly (1499)
2 Marquesses of Huntly (1599)
3 Dukes of Gordon and Marquesses of Huntly (1684)
4 Marquesses of Huntly

Earl of Huntly (1499)

Marquesses of Huntly (1599)

Dukes of Gordon and Marquesses of Huntly (1684)

Marquesses of Huntly