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Marquess of Winchester

The title Marquess of Winchester was created in 1551 in the peerage of England, making it the oldest English (and British) Marquessate still in existence. Therefore, the holder is considered the Premier Marquess of England. The Marquess of Winchester, incidentally, is the only English Marquess without a higher title; all other Marquesses are also Dukes.

The subsidiary titles of the Marquess are: Earl of Wiltshire (created 1550) and Baron St John of Basing (1539). The title Earl of Wiltshire is used as the courtesy title of the Marquess' eldest son and heir.

The original holder of all three titles was Sir William Paulet, a politician who held the office of Lord Treasurer of England. His descendant, the sixth Marquess, was created Duke of Bolton in 1689. However, with the death of the sixth duke, no more descendants of the first duke remained, and the title of Duke of Bolton became extinct. The title Marquess of Winchester, however, was inherited by a member of another branch of the Paulet family.

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Marquesses of Winchester (1551)

Dukes of Bolton (1689)

Marquesses of Winchester