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Marquess of Beixiang of Han China

Format of naming convention in English is under discussion at Wikipedia talk:Naming conventions (Chinese).

zh-tw:漢北鄉侯 zh-cn:北北乡侯

Marquess of Beixiang of Han China, trad. ch 漢北鄉侯, sim. ch 漢北乡侯, py. hn bĕi xīang hu, wg. Han Pei-hsiang-hou, was an emperor of the Chinese Han Dynasty. He was desposed and murdered during a eunuch coup in favour of Emperor Shun.

Personal information

Family name Liu (劉 li) in Chinese
Given name Hu (懿 py. h)
Era name Yanguang (延光 py. yn gūang) 125
Major concubines
Duration of reign May - December 125
Temple name
Courtesy name
Posthumous name

Preceded by:
Emperor An of Han China
Eastern Han Dynasty Succeeded by:
Emperor Shun of Han China