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Pintail Duck

The Pintail Duck (Anus acuta) is the most widely distributed species of duck in North America. In terms of its world distribution it is found in the Neartctic and Palearctic, wintering south as far as the Equator. In Kenya it frequents permanent waters, wintering in large numbers on the Rift Valley lakes and in the C and W highlands.

As with most ducks, pintails are water birds, living in marsh and other freshwater areas throughout North America north of the Gulf of Mexico; it avoids the seacoast. The species is fairly large for a duck, but is light for its size; males range from 25 to 29 inches (about 64 to 74 cm) in length, while females are smaller at 20 to 22 inches (51 to 56 cm).

Pintail Duck is one of Walt Disney's comic book characters. He established the Duck family. He was born on 1530 in England. It is as of yet unknown if he is a descedant of The Clan McDuck. He joined the English navy. On 1563 he became the boatswain of the frigate HMS Falcon Rover. He served under Captain Loyal Hawk. The ship raided the Spanish Caribbean from 1563 till 1564. During this period he befriended the ship's first mate Malcolm McDuck. He lost his life when the Spanish fleet sunk the "Falcon Rover" on December 9, 1564 along with its crew. His descendants include Humperdink Duck, Daisy Duck, April, May and June Duck.