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Ma Chao

The eldest son of Ma Teng received the nickname Ma Chao (馬超 the splendid) due to his skills as a warrior of the Kingdom of Shu during the Three Kingdoms period in China. Ma Chao was one of the Five Tiger Generals of Shu. Ma Chao did not always serve under Liu Bei. In Liu Bei's assault on Chengdu, he and his cousin Ma Dai led a final charge to stop Liu Bei. He was however, beaten and surrended to Liu Bei.

In an attempt to avenge the death of his father, Mengqi attacked Cao Cao at Tong Gate near Chang'an with Han Sui, but lost. After a tumultuous period in Liang Province, he went to serve Zhang Lu of Han Zhong. He was ordered to aid Liu Zhang in the defense of Cheng Du, but surrendered due to a plan by Zhuge Liang. He later went on to serve Liu Bei, was appointed to the Five Tigers, and proposed strategies such as the capture of Hanzhong Commandry.

Before he came to Shu, he was one of the Eight Riders of Han Sui, his uncle by sworn oath. After the death of his father, he governed Xi Liang with Han Sui in the NW frontier of 3rd century China. During the Battle of Tong Gate, Ma Chao was convinced (by machination of Cao Cao) that Han Sui was going to betray him, and cut his arm off in a rage.

Ma Chao passed away in 222 AD due to illness.


“Ma Chao has the courage of the likes of Lü Bu and Han Xin, but he also has the heart of the Qiangs and the Huns."--Cao Cao

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