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Chengdu (成都, pinyin cheng2 du1) is the capital of the Sichuan province and a sub-provincial city, located in southwest China, and bordering Tibet. Its exact location is between 10254' - 10453' east longitude and 305' - 3126' north latitude.

Chengdu has a population of 9.9 million and an area of 12,300 square kilometers.

The name "Chengdu" was first used in early 4th century BC, when king of ancient Shu moved the capital to the place where is Chengdu now. He was inspired by the ancient story of King of Zhou moving his capital. King of Zhou was considered as a king with high moral and intellectual standard in Chinese history. Classic history recorded King of Zhou's move as "it took a year to become a town; it took 2 years to become a capital". Following this, king of Shu named the new city as "Cheng Du", which means "become a capital" (In Chinese, word "cheng" means "become", "du" means "capital").

Chengdu was the birthplace of the first widely used paper money in the world (Northern Song Dynasty, around A.D. 960).


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