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Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Lunenburg is a town in southern Nova Scotia, Canada, approximately 90 kilometres south of the provincial capital Halifax on the Atlantic coast Its population in 1991 was 2 781.

It was founded in 1763, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Lunenburg was named in honour of the Duke of Braunschweig-Lüneburg who had become King of England in 1727.

It is an important seaport and shipbuilding centre. The famous schooner Bluenose was launched here, and her daughter Bluenose II is an important tourist attraction in the town, her home port. Tourism is now Lunenburg's most important industry and many thousands visit the town each year. A number of restaruants and shops exist to service the tourist trade. Another tourist attraction is the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic.

The original German and Swiss inhabitants of Lunenberg came from the same wave of immigration that produced the Pennsylvania Dutch. They were Foreign Protestants encouraged by the British to settle in the area.

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