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Lucien Bonaparte

Lucien Bonaparte, Prince of Canino, born May 21, 1775 at Ajaccio, Corsica, was brother to Emperor Napoleon.

Educated in France, Lucien returned to Corsica in 1789 and became an outspoken speaker in the Jacobin Club at Ajaccio.

As president of the Council of Five Hundred at Saint-Cloud, Lucien Bonaparte was responsible for Napoleon's election as consul on November 10, 1799. Later though, he would oppose many of Napoleon's ideas.

His first wife was Christine Boyer, the illiterate sister of an innkeeper, and by her he had four children, one of whom was stillborn. His second wife was Alexandrine de Bleschamp, widow of Hippolyte Jouberton, known as "Madame Jouberton", and by her he had ten children, including:

Lucien Bonaparte died June 29, 1840 at Viterbo, Italy.