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Louis II of Hungary

Louis II of Bohemia was born in 1506 as the son of Ladislaus II of Hungary and Bohemia Jagiello, who died in 1516. The minor Louis II accended to the throne of Hungary and Bohemia upon his father's death. Louis had been adopted by emperor Maximilian I in 1515. When Maximilian I died in 1519, Louis was raised by his legal guardian Georg Hohenzollern, margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach.

In 1522 Louis II became married to Mary of Habsburg, granddaughter of Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor, as stipulated by an imperial congress at Vienna in 1515. His sister Anne was married to Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor.

Louis was killed at the battle of Mohacs in 1526.

Names in other languages: German:Ludwig II,Czech: Ludvík I,Slovak: Ľudovít II,Hungarian: II. Ulászló