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Lost Dogs

The Lost Dogs is a country music supergroup that began in 1991 as a one-time collaboration between four very different vocalists and songwriters from four different bands. Terry Scott Taylor (Daniel Amos, the Swirling Eddies), Gene Eugene (Adam Again), Derri Daugherty (The Choir), and Michael Roe (The 77s,) have over the last decade released five eclectic albums of traditional American music (country, folk, blues, rock) with a decidedly modern feel. The Lost Dogs' concert performances are filled with between-song jokes and one liners between the band members (usually poking fun at each other).

Each Lost Dogs album includes at least one or two cover songs. Songs covered by the Lost Dogs include Bob Dylan's "Lord, Protect My Child", Leonard Cohen's "If It Be Your Will", The Beatles' "I'm A Loser" and Steven Foster's "Hard Times, Come Again No More".

In 1999, shortly after release of their Gift Horse album, Gene Eugene passed away in his sleep at The Green Room, his recording studio in Huntington Beach, California.

Although the loss of Eugene is noticeable, the remaining three Lost Dogs members continue to tour and record new albums.


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