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Lockheed Constellation

The Lockheed Constellation was a four-engine propeller-driven aircraft built by Lockheed between 1943 and 1958 in its Burbank, California facility. 856 aircraft were produced, in four model variations. It was used as both a civilian airliner and U.S. military air transport plane, seeing service in the Berlin Airlift and as the presidential aircraft for President Eisenhower.

As the first pressurized aircraft in widespread use, it helped to usher in affordable and comfortable air travel for the masses. Among airlines that flew Constellations were Trans World Airlines, Pan American World Airways, BOAC, Air France, KLM, Qantas, El Al and Lufthansa.

The Constellation is distinguished by its distinctive triple-tail design and graceful, dolphin-shaped fuselage.

Several Constellations have been restored in recent years, many of these to flying condition. See below for links.

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