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Liu Chan

Liu Chan (劉禪 Pinyin Lu Chn) (223-263) was the second and the last emperor of Kingdom of Shu during the period of Three Kingdoms in China.

Liu Chan did not really care for governance and left his kingdom in the hands of his ministers. After Kingdom of Wei had conquered Kingdom of Shu, he was captured to Luoyang (the capital of Wei) and given the titular position as Duke of Comfort (安樂公 Anle Gong).

Once the emperor of Wei invited Liu Chan and his followers to a party. During the party, entertainers perform traditional Shu dance. All of the former Shu officials present were saddened, while Liu commented:

I enjoy the life here that I do not think about Shu anymore! (樂不思蜀)

This phrase becomes an idiom in Chinese, meaning "too joyful to think about home", and it is in fact more well-known than Liu Chan himself.