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List of Roman Emperors

This is a list of Roman Emperors with the dates they controlled the Roman Empire.

(Note that, contrary to popular belief, Julius Caesar was never Emperor (princeps), although he was named dictator for life in 45 BC (but was not the first Roman to hold that title) and was regarded as such by Roman historians.)

For the worship of the Roman Emperor as a god, see imperial cult.

Table of contents
1 The Principate
2 Flavian Dynasty
3 Nervan-Antonian Dynasty
4 Severan Dynasty
5 Rulers during the Crisis of the Third Century
6 Tetrarchy
7 House of Constantine
8 Valentinian Dynasty
9 House of Theodosius
10 Western Empire
11 Eastern Empire
12 External links

The Principate

Flavian Dynasty

Nervan-Antonian Dynasty

Severan Dynasty

Rulers during the Crisis of the Third Century


House of Constantine

Valentinian Dynasty

House of Theodosius

Western Empire

continuation: see list of Barbarian kings of Rome

Eastern Empire

continuation: see list of Byzantine Emperors

see also Julio-Claudian family tree; Severan dynasty family tree; Gallic Empire; Roman usurper

External links

There are good biographies of most Roman Emperors in De Imperatoribus Romanis.