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Jovinus was a senator of Gaul, and claimed to be Roman Emperor (411 - 413).

Following the defeat of Constantine III, Jovinus was proclaimed emperor in a province near the Rhine in 411 by Gundaharius, king of the Burgundians, and Goar, king of the Alani. Jovinus kept his position in Gaul for two years, supported by a number of local aristocrats who had survived Constantine's defeat.

His end came when the Visigoths left Italy (at Priscus Attalus' advice) to join him, and their king Ataulf attacked and killed Sarus, who had also come to support Jovinus. Jovinus, offended at this act, failed to consult Ataulf when he elevated his brother Sebastian as co-emperor. Insulted, Ataulf allied the Visigoths with Honorius, and defeated Jovinus' troops. Jovinus fled for his life, but was captured in Narbonne and was executed by order of Postumus Dardanus, the governor of Gaul. Jovinus' and Sebastian's heads were afterwards displayed on the walls of Carthage.