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List of Prime Ministers of Denmark

This is a list over the heads of government in Denmark, from the establishment of a constitutional monarchy in 1849 until present. The King or Queen is head of state.

From 1848, when A. W. Moltke took precedecy of the Danish Council of State (ie. the privy council), to1918, the head of government wore the title of President of the Council (Konseilspræsident). From 1918 until present, the head of government is known as the Prime Minister (Statsminister).

List of Council Presidents (1848-1918)

From Konseilspræsident (1848-1918) Born-Died
1848Adam Wilhelm Moltke 1785-1864
1852Christian Albrecht Bluhme 1794-1866
1853Anders Sandøe Ørsted 1778-1860
1854Peter Georg Bang 1797-1861
1856Carl Christoffer Georg Andræ 1812-1893
1857Carl Christian Hall 1812-1888
1859Carl Edvard Rotwitt 1812-1860
1863Ditlev Gothard Monrad 1811-1887
1864Christian Albrecht Bluhme 1794-1866
1865Christian Emil Krag-Juel-Vind-Frijs 1817-1896
1870Ludvig Holstein-Holsteinborg 1815-1892
1874Christen Andreas Fonnesbech 1817-1880
1875Jacob Brønnum Scavenius Estrup 1825-1913
1894Tage Reedtz-Thott 1839-1923
1897Hugo Egmont (H. E.) Hørring 1842-1909
1900Hannibal Sehested 1842-1924
1901Johan Henrik Deuntzer 1845-1918
1905Jens Christian (J. C.) Christensen 1856-1930
1908Niels Neergaard 1854-1936
1909Ludvig Holstein-Ledreborg 1839-1912
1909Carl Theodor Zahle 1866-1946
1910Klaus Berntsen 1844-1927
1913Carl Theodor Zahle 1866-1946

Prime Minister (Statsminister) (1918-present)

From Statsminister (1918-present) ¹Born-Died
1918Carl Theodor Zahle 1866-1946
1920Otto Liebe 1860-1929
1920Michael Pedersen (M. P.) Friis 1857-1944
1920Niels Neergaard 1854-1936
1924Thorvald Stauning 1873-1942
1926Thomas Madsen-Mygdal 1876-1943
1929Thorvald Stauning 1873-1942
1942Vilhelm Buhl 1881-1954
1942Erik Scavenius 1877-1962
1943 ¹
1945Vilhelm Buhl 1881-1954
1945Knud Kristensen 1880-1962
1947Hans Hedtoft 1903-1955
1950Erik Eriksen 1902-1972
1953Hans Hedtoft 1903-1955
1955H. C. Hansen 1906-1960
1960Viggo Kampmann 1910-1976
1962Jens Otto Krag 1914–1978
1968Hilmar Baunsgaard 1920-1989
1971Jens Otto Krag 1914–1978
1972Anker Jørgensen 1922-
1973Poul Hartling 1914-2000
1975Anker Jørgensen 1922-
1982Poul Schlüter 1929-
1993Poul Nyrup Rasmussen 1943-
2001Anders Fogh Rasmussen 1953-

Note: ¹ 1943-1945: during the occupation of Denmark by Nazi Germany, the country was without a responsible Prime Minister. The work of the government were instead led by the heads of the different departments (departementschefstyre).

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