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Prime Minister of Finland

The Prime Minister (Finnish Pääministeri, Swedish: Statsminister) is the Head of Government in Finland. In 1918 the Senate of Finland was transformed into the Cabinet of Finland, and the position as vice-chairman of the Senate's Economic Division was transformed into that of a prime minister.

The Prime Minister is appointed by the President, who is Head of State.

The President nominates Prime Minister, according to the (new) Constitution of Finland, after the parties of the Parliament (Eduskunta) have negotiated on distribution of seats in Cabinet and on its programme. The Parliament elects Prime Minister with absolute majority (in a voting without counter-candidate). If the nominee hasn't received sufficient support, then a new round of negotiations and a second nomination by the President follows. If also the second nominee fails to gain absolute majority, then a third voting occurs, in which all Members of Parliament can nominate candidates, and relative majority suffice for election. The President's formal appointment follows the Parliament's election.

The procedure above was first used to elect Anneli Jäätteenmäki into office in 2003, when it beforehand was assumed that the President would nominate the candidate who in a third voting would have gained relative majority, i.e. the leader of the largest party.

The previous 85 years full formal powers to appoint the Prime Minister and the rest of the Cabinet had been the privilege of the President, who for instance was free to diverge from principles of Parliamentarism, although the ministers must enjoy the confidence of the Parliament.

Since its independence (declared on December 6th, 1917), Finland has had 86 Cabinets, the longest lasting being the two Cabinets of Prime Minister Paavo Lipponen, both lasting 1,464 days.

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List of Prime Ministers

From-To Prime Minister Born/died Party
1917-1918Pehr Evind Svinhufvud 1861-1944Young Finnish Party
1918 Juho Kusti Paasikivi 1870-1956Finnish Party
1918-1919Lauri Ingman 1868-1934National Coalition Party
1919 Kaarlo Castrén 1860-1938National Progressive Party
1919-1920Juho Vennola 1872-1938National Progressive Party
1920-1921Rafael Erich 1879-1946National Coalition Party
1921-1922Juho Vennola 1872-1938National Progressive Party
1922 Aimo Cajander 1879-1943None (Caretaker cabinet)
1922-1924Kyösti Kallio 1873–1940Agrarian Party
1924 Aimo Cajander 1879-1943None (Caretaker cabinet)
1924-1925Lauri Ingman 1868-1934National Coalition Party
1925 Antti Tulenheimo 1879-1952National Coalition Party
1925-1926Kyösti Kallio 1873–1940Agrarian Party
1926-1927Väinö Tanner 1881-1966Social Democratic Party
1927-1928Juho Sunila 1875-1936Agrarian Party
1928-1929Oskari Mantere 1874-1942National Progressive Party
1929-1930Kyösti Kallio 1873–1940Agrarian Party
1930-1931Pehr Evind Svinhufvud 1861-1944National Coalition Party
1931-1932Juho Sunila 1875-1936Agrarian Party
1932-1936Toivo Kivimäki 1886-1968National Progressive Party
1936-1937Kyösti Kallio 1873–1940Agrarian Party
1937-1939Aimo Cajander 1879-1943National Progressive Party
1939-1940Risto Ryti 1889-1956National Progressive Party
1941-1943Johan Wilhelm Rangell 1894-1982National Progressive Party
1943-1944Edwin Linkomies 1894-1963National Coalition Party
1944 Antti Hackzell 1881-1946None
1944 Urho Castren 1886-1965National Coalition Party
1944-1946Juho Kusti Paasikivi 1870-1956National Coalition Party
1946-1948Mauno Pekkala 1890-1952Finnish People's Democratic League
1948-1950Karl-August Fagerholm 1901-1984Social Democratic Party
1950-1953Urho Kekkonen 1900-1986Agrarian Party
1953-1954Sakari Tuomioja 1911-1964None (Caretaker cabinet)
1954 Ralf Törngren 1899-1961Swedish People's Party
1954-1956Urho Kekkonen 1900-1986Agrarian Party
1956-1957Karl-August Fagerholm 1901-1984Social Democratic Party
1957 Jussi Sukselainen 1906-1995Agrarian Party
1957-1958Rainer von Fieandt 1890-1972None (Caretaker cabinet)
1958 Reino Kuuskoski 1907-1965None (Caretaker cabinet)
1958-1959Karl-August Fagerholm 1901-1984Social Democratic Party
1959-1961Jussi Sukselainen 1906-1995Agrarian Party
1961-1962Martti Miettunen 1907-2002Agrarian Party
1962-1963Ahti Karjalainen 1923-1990Agrarian Party
1963-1964Reino Ragnar Lehto 1898-1966None (Caretaker cabinet)
1964-1966Johannes Virolainen 1914-2000Centre Party
1966-1968Rafael Paasio 1903-1980Social Democratic Party
1968-1970Mauno Koivisto 1932-Social Democratic Party
1970 Teuvo Aura 1912-1999None (Caretaker cabinet)
1970-1971Ahti Karjalainen 1923-1990Centre Party
1971-1971Teuvo Aura 1912-1999None (Caretaker cabinet)
1972 Rafael Paasio 1903-1980Social Democratic Party
1972-1975Kalevi Sorsa 1930-Social Democratic Party
1975 Keijo Liinamaa 1929-1980None (Caretaker cabinet)
1975-1977Martti Miettunen1909-2002Centre Party
1977-1979Kalevi Sorsa 1930-Social Democratic Party
1979-1982Mauno Koivisto 1932-Social Democratic Party
1982-1987Kalevi Sorsa 1930-Social Democratic Party
1987-1991Harri Holkeri 1937-National Coalition Party
1991-1995Esko Aho 1954-Centre Party
1995-2003Paavo Lipponen 1941-Social Democratic Party
2003 Anneli Jäätteenmäki1955-Centre Party
2003- Matti Vanhanen 1955-Centre Party

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