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List of open-source software packages

This is a list of open-source software packages: Computer software licensed under an open source license. Software that fits the Free software definition are more appropriately called free software. For more information about the philosophical background for open source software, see open source movement and free software movement.

See also: freeware, shareware, public domain, proprietary software, Freshmeat, SourceForge

Table of contents
1 Operating systems
2 Desktop environments
3 Office software suites
4 Groupware
5 Web browsers
6 Databases
7 Games
8 Text editors
9 Content management systems
10 Learning Support
11 Programming language support
12 Graphics
13 Maths
14 Internet
15 Other

Operating systems

Desktop environments

Office software suites


Web browsers



Text editors

Content management systems

Learning Support

Programming language support