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Scoop is a kind of computer software used on web server - a web application. As the home page says "Scoop is a collaborative media application". Enabling content management and building a community that interacts with this content it is an example of a collaborative tool.

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License: GPL

Scoop is an open source content management system / weblog engine written in Perl. It makes use of the MySQL database server (support for other databases is being worked on). Scoop was originally written by Rusty Foster for, which is still the most popular site that uses it. It is now collaboratively developed and used on a large number of websites, including:

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Similar systems

Drupal is a PHP-based system that mirrors some of the functions of Scoop but with some extensions.


The article is partly based on materials from infoAnarchy wiki and is updated as needed.

A scoop is a news story, especially an exciting one, which is reported in one newspaper or magazine before it appears anywhere else. See also Scoop, a 1938 novel by Evelyn Waugh, where the word is used in this sense.