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List of composers

Composers are people who write music. A strong distinction is made amongst composers, lyricists and performers in such genres as classical and jazz music. In other genres, such as popular and folk music, the term "songwriter", means someone who authors both music and lyrics, and is more common than "composer". If a songwriter also performs, he is called a "singer/songwriter."

This page includes a list of composers sorted by various genres.

For composers of classical music and opera see:

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Table of contents
1 Film
2 Ragtime
3 Jazz and Blues
4 Orchestra
5 Vocal
6 Pop and Rock
7 Folk and Country
8 New Age
9 Video games


See also Film.


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Jazz and Blues

See also
Jazz and Blues.


See also Orchestra music.


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Vocal music.

Pop and Rock

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Pop music and Rock music.

Folk and Country

See also
Folk music and Country music.

New Age

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New Age music.

Video games

See also
Video games.

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