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List of collective nouns for non-human mammals

Also see Collective noun

aardvarks An aarmory of aardvarks Spurious
antelope A herd of antelope
apes A shrewdness of apes
asses A pace of asses
baboons A congress of baboons
baboons A flange of baboons
badgers A cete of badgers
bats A colony of bats
bears A sloth of bears
beavers A colony of beavers
beavers A lodge of beavers
boars A singular of boars
boars A sounder of boars
boys A rascal of boys
buffalo A herd of buffalo
buffalo An obstinacy of buffalo
camels A flock of camels
cats (feral or wild) A destruction of cats (feral or wild)
cats A clowder of cats
cats A cluster of cats
cats A clutter of cats
cats A glaring of cats
cats A pounce of cats
kittens (cats) A kindle of kittens (cats)
cattle A herd of cattle
cattle A kine of cattle
chamois A herd of chamois
cattle A drove of cattle
cows A flink of cows
cows A herd of cows
curs A cowardice of curs
deer A herd of deer
deer A leash of deer
deer A parcel of deer
roes A bevy of roes
hounds A cry of hounds
puppies A litter of puppies
show dogs A bench of show dogs Uncertain
dolphins A pod of dolphins
elephants A herd of elephants
elephants A parade of elephants
elk A gang of elk
ferrets A business of ferrets
ferrets A fesnying of ferrets
foxes A leash of foxes
foxes A skulk of foxes
giraffes A corps of giraffes
giraffes A tower of giraffes Uncertain
goats A tribe of goats
goats A trip of goats
gorillas A band of gorillas
gorillas A woop of gorillas
hares A down of hares
hares A husk of hares
hares A leap of hares
hares A trace of hares
hares A trip of hares
hedgehogs A prickle of hedgehogs
hippopotami A bloat of hippopotami Uncertain
hippopotami A crash of hippopotami
colts A rag of colts
colts A rake of colts
horses A harass of horses
horses A stable of horses
horses A team of horses
mares A stud of mares
ponies A string of ponies
racehorses A field of racehorses
hounds A cry of hounds
hounds A mute of hounds
hounds A pack of hounds
hyenas A clan of hyenas
kangaroos A court of kangaroos (see note) Spurious
kangaroos A mob of kangaroos
kangaroos A troop of kangaroos
leopards A leap of leopards
lions A pride of lions
lions A sault of lions
lions A sowse of lions
moles A company of moles
moles A labour of moles
moles A movement of moles
monkeys A mission of monkeys
monkeys A tribe of monkeys
mice A mischief of mice
mice A nest of mice
mules A barren of mules
mules A Rake of mules
oxen A span of oxen
oxen A team of oxen
oxen A yoke of oxen
pandas A pandemonium of pandas Spurious
pekinese A pomp of pekinese
hogs A drift of hogs Uncertain
hogs A parcel of hogs
hogs A passel of hogs
piglets A farrow of piglets
piglets A litter of piglets
pigs A drove of pigs
pigs A herd of pigs
pigs A sounder of pigs
polar bears An aurora of polar bears
polecats A chine of polecats
porpoises A turmoil of porpoises Uncertain
possum A passel of possum Uncertain
conies A bury of conies
kittens (rabbits) A wrack of kittens (rabbits)
rabbits A bury of rabbits
rabbits A colony of rabbits
rabbits A nest of rabbits
raccoons A gaze of raccoons
rats A colony of rats
rats A pack of rats
rats A rabble of rats
rats A swarm of rats
rhinoceroses A crash of rhinoceroses
seals A plum of seals Uncertain
seals A pod of seals
seals A spring of seals
lambs A fall of lambs
sheep A flock of sheep
sheep A trip of sheep
squirrels A dray of squirrels
swine A drift of swine
swine A sounder of swine
tigers A streak of tigers
tigers An ambush of tigers
walruses A herd of walruses
walruses An ugly of walruses
weasels A sneak of weasels
whales A gam of whales
whales A herd of whales
whales A pod of whales
whales A school of whales
wolves A pack of wolves
wolves A rout of wolves
zebra A herd of zebra
zebra A zeal of zebra


The phrase "A court of kangaroos" is frequently thought to be legitimate, given the (quite unrelated) expression "a kangaroo court". There is no known evidence of its legitimacy as a collective noun, however.