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LindowsOS is a Linux distribution based on Debian. Its initial goal was to develop a Linux-based operating system capable of running major Windows applications as well. The Windows compatibility was based on the development of WINE by the team. This goal was later abandoned and the developers decided to focus on making Linux applications easy to download and install, and the applications easy to use. This is achieved using an application called Click-N-Run, a program based on Debian's apt-get, providing an easy-to-use interface and a slightly modfied package system for $99 per year (apt-get is free, but more difficult to use). Click-N-Run has over 1000 pieces of software for download. Lindows is criticized for the lack of many popular command-line tools on Linux, making it less usable for advanced users and not conforming to the Linux Standard Base. However,the makers of Lindows insist that they have not taken any of these away. Lindows does come with apt-get, allowing for the download of all of these programs.

The CEO of the, Inc. is Michael Robertson, the founder and former CEO of

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