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Le Monde

Le Monde is a French daily newspaper with a circulation of about 400,000 daily, as of 2002. It was founded by Hubert Beuve-Méry, and first published on November 19, 1944. Le Monde is French for "The World". Its current chairman of the board and director of publication is Jean-Marie Colombani and the current chief editor (rédacteur en chef) is Edwy Plenel.

It is not to be mistaken for Le Monde diplomatique, a magazine.

The quality of the reporting in Le Monde is generally considered to be high, making it a reference newspaper. However, in 2003 a book called La face cachée du Monde ("The hidden face of Le Monde", by Pierre Péan and Philippe Cohen) allegated that Colombani and Plenel, among other things, have shown partisan bias and have engaged in financial dealings that compromise the independence of the paper. Those findings were controversial.

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