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Le Monde diplomatique

The monthly publication Le Monde diplomatique (nicknamed "Le Diplo" by its French readers) offers well-documented analysis and opinion on politics, culture, and current affairs. In particular, it takes a critical view on the effects of Neoliberalism on the world and its population, offering a decidedly left-wing viewpoint.

The original French edition has a circulation of about 300,000; ten other editions in other languages bring the total to about one million readers worldwide. Le Monde diplomatique's readers own 49% of the company through L'association des Amis du Monde diplomatique; the remaining 51% is owned by the French daily newspaper Le Monde. The newspaper maintains its independence by limiting its dependence advertising and through its reader-owned capital - "minorité de blocage" (control stock).

One editorial written in 1997 by Ignacio Ramonet, its editor-in-chief, led to the creation of the ATTAC NGO, which is working towards implementing the Tobin tax.

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