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The K-8 as it is known in the West (JL-8 in China). Is a two-seat trainer built by joint-cooperation between Pakistan and the People's Republic of China. The contractor for this plane is the Hongdu Aviation Industry Corporation.


The trainer was built through joint-cooperation between the governments of Pakistan and China. Initially, the aircraft was to feature many American parts, but due to political developments at the end of the 1980s, this was plan was scrapped. The first prototype was built in 1989, with the first flight taking place at the end of 1990.

The Pakistan Air Force first received fourteen jets in 1994 after which it decided to order 75 more to replace its fleet of Cessna trainers. The People's Liberation Army Air Force received its first six jets in 1998. Later Chinese upgrades included indigenous engines. The PLAAF is anticipated to continue adding the trainer to its fleet in order to replace older trainers that are now obsolete.

Other nations have shown interest in the trainer, and it now also serves in the air forcs of Egypt, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. While the plane primarily serves as a trainer, it can also be used in the ground-attack role.