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Julian Bashir

Dr. Julian Bashir (played by Alexander Siddig) is a fictional character in the science fiction show Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Warning: Wikipedia contains spoilers.

Dr. Bashir, a genetically enhanced human, a recognized physician, is Chief Medical Officer of Deep Space Nine and USS Defiant.

A somewhat spirited individual, he enjoys his work passionately.

For recreation, Bashir enjoys playing darts and the hero in various holo-adventures with his friend Chief Miles O'Brien.

During pre-Dominion war tensions, Bashir was kidnapped and sent to a Dominion prison camp along with General Martok and Garak's mentor and father, Enabrin Tain. He was replaced with a shapeshifter during pre-Dominion war, who attempted to destroy the Bajoran sun, wiping out Federation, Klingon, and Romulan fleets without firing a shot. Bashir and Martok were able to escape thanks to help of Lt. Cmdr Worf and Garak.

Bashir's genetically enhanced ability was finally revealed, by a slip up of his parents who admitted their son's uniqueness to a hologram of the good doctor. Since then, he's been treated somewhat differently, but not much. Section 31 had become interested in him and tried to recruit him but failed. Starfleet asked Bashir to help integrate several genetically enhanced individuals, like himself, into Federation culture.

At the end of the series, Bashir remains one of the remaining officers on Deep Space Nine, where he's free to pursue a new found "friendship" (romance?) with Ezri Dax.

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