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Martok, a character in the fictional Star Trek universe, is a Klingon portrayed in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine by actor J. G. Hertzler.

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Young Martok

When Martok first tried to get officer status, Kor denied it to him because Martok came from a "common" house. With the mark of Kor on his record he couldn't even become a common soldier. He served five years as a civilian laborer on some General's ship until the Romulans attempted to board the ship and he finally got a battle field commission (Once More Unto the Breach).

General Martok

Around 2372, Martok was abducted by the Dominion and replaced with shapeshifter. From The Way Of The Warrior, Part I to In Purgatory's Shadow we only saw the shapeshifter-Martok.

In By Inferno's Light, Martok escaped and returned to the Alpha Quadrant with Garak, Worf, and Julian Bashir, and was made commander of the Klingon forces on Deep Space Nine.

Shortly before the end of Dominion War (When It Rains...), Gowron came to Deep Space Nine to honor Martok by inducting him into the Order of Kahless, and then announced that he would be taking control of the Klingon forces from Martok because it was time for him to "take a more active role in the war." However, it became clear that Gowron was simply worried about Martok getting too powerful politically, and intended to lower Martok's standing by sending him into battles that he could not win. Worf tried to convince Martok to challenge Gowron but he refused, so Worf killed Gowron himself and, rather than accept the title of Chancellor, gave it to Martok. (Tacking Into the Wind)

Chancellor Martok

Martok, leading the Klingon fleet; Sisko, leading the Federation fleet; and the Romulans attacked and defeated the Dominion. (What You Leave Behind).

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