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Bajorans, a race of humanoids in the fictional Star Trek universe, were introduced in the Next Generation series and played an integral part in the Deep Space Nine series. Captain Picard met and served with Bajoran Ro Laren, while Captain Benjamin Sisko served Starfleet near the Bajoran homeworld, Bajor, and worked with native Kira Nerys.

Like many alien races on Star Trek, the Bajorans are amazingly humanoid in appearance, but have a distinctive symmetrical facial feature -- a slight wrinkle on the nose between the eyes.

Bajorans' first names are their family names. They wear large, chained earrings and ear cuffs as symbols of their religious faith. Bajoran women gestate for five months, due to high vascularization between the fetus and the mother.

The Bajorans are an advanced race who suffered at the hands of invading Cardassians. The story of ST: Deep Space Nine is often one of politics between these two powers.

The Bajoran religion is a major unifying force on the planet; the spiritual leader, or Kai, wields a great deal of moral and political authority, although the planet's de jure political leader is the First Minister. The Bajoran religion is based upon the revelations of the Bajoran Prophets, who come to be known as the timeless beings residing in the Bajoran Wormhole, or Celestial Temple. Since Benjamin Sisko is the first to make contact with them, he is acclaimed by the Bajoran spiritual leadership as the Emissary of the Prophets. Part of the Bajoran religion involves the use of the Tears of the Prophets, reality-distorting energy orbs produced by the Prophets. Several of these were stolen by the Cardassians during the Occupation, though a number have been recovered.

Notable Bajorans include: