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Jiangmen (江門) is a city in the Guangdong province of southern China.

Jiangmen City (Pengjiang) has an area of 9,260 sq km. Population: 3.8 million.


Jiangmen has juridiction over three urban districts: Pengjiang District (Jiangmen City), Jianghai District, Xinhui, and four cities at county level: Taishan, Kaiping, Enping, Heshan.


Jiamen was a port opened to western trade in 1902.

Jiangmen was established as a city in 1951, and then became a prefectural city consisting of the four cities over which it has juridiction today.


Jiangmen is located on the lower reaches of the Xijiang river, in the west of the Pearl River Delta in the south middle of Guangdong Province. It faces the South China Sea in the south and is 100 kilometers away from Guangzhou and Zhuhai by highway.

Its land area is about 10,000 square km, one quarter the size of Pearl River Delta.

The climate is subtropical with monsoon. Annual average temperature: 21.8 C.


Jiangmen Port is the second largest river port in Guangdong province.


Jiangmen is one of the main places of origin of overseas Chinese, with about 3.6 million originating from there.