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Japan Railway

Japan Railway, more commonly called JR, is a collective term for seven Japanese private railroad companies.

They are:

In addition, there is JR Soken (JR総研), a research institution.


Here is some history of the Japan Railway, according to information provided by the Japan Railways Technical Research Institute ( ):

October 14, 1872 - Opening ceremony at both Shimbashi (now Shiodome) and Yokohama(Now Sakuragicho)

October 1, 1907 - 17 private railways taken over by the government

December 20, 1914 - Opening of Tokyo Station

November 1, 1925 - Inauguration of the Yamanote Loop Line

December 30, 1927 - Inauguration of Tokyo subway between Asakusa and Ueno

June 1 1949 - Japanese National Railway organized

April 1, 1987 - Kokutetsu (Lit. Japanese National Railways; 国鉄 or 日本国有鉄道) was privatized and split into 11 companies.

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