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Jane Fonda

Jane Seymour Fonda (born New York, New York, December 21, 1937) is an Academy Award winning, and sometimes notorious, American actress who is the daughter of actor Henry Fonda and his second wife, New York socialite Frances Seymour Brokaw (formerly Mrs. George Tuttle Brokaw), who committed suicide by cutting her throat in 1950, when Jane was 12.

In 1954, Jane joined her father on stage with the Omaha Community Theatre in a production of The Country Girl. She met Lee Strasberg in 1958, and joined his Actors Studio. Fonda's screen debut in the frivolous Tall Story in 1960 did not presage the more serious work that would become her trademark. She won the Academy Award for Best Actress in 1971 for Klute and in 1978 for Coming Home, and was nominated five more times.

She has been married three times. Her first husband (1965-73) was French film director Roger Vadim (1928-2000) with whom she had a daughter, Vanessa, named for Vanessa Redgrave. Her second husband (1973-1990) was author and politician Tom Hayden, by whom she has a son, Troy Garity, and an adopted daughter. Her third husband (1991-2001) was American cable-television tycoon Ted Turner.

She became involved in political activity during the time of the Vietnam War, and became the target of hatred from many Americans for her visit to Hanoi in which she advocated opposition to the war. During this visit she acquired the nickname Hanoi Jane. During the 1980s, she reinvented herself in a series of workout videos.

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