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Interstate 91

Interstate 91 is an interstate highway in the New England section of the United States. It is 290 miles long and runs nearly straight north and south through the U.S. states of Connecticut (for 58 miles), Massachusetts (for 55 miles) and Vermont (for 177 miles). (The net distance is 258.8 miles, and the net direction is 9.0 degrees clockwise from north or south, i.e. northeast by north or southwest by south.) This interstate's southern end is in New Haven, CT at Interstate 95; its northern end is at Derby Line, a village in the town of Derby, VT, at the Canadian border. The major cities along its route are New Haven and Hartford, CT, and Springfield, MA.

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Course of the Highway

The points along the route appearing in the list below are those where I-91 encounters an intersecting interstate, a city or major town, and/or a state or national border. Major cities are shown in bold-face type, as is the largest population center every 50 miles or so, in stretches without major cities. Between any adjacent pair of these points, and indented, is a link (labelled "Intervening I-91 stretch") to an article about the corresponding stretch of I-91.

I-91 in Connecticut

I-91 in Massachusetts

I-91 in Vermont